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Whole Peeled Potatoes

Chipped Potatoes

Chunky Chipped Potatoes

Diced Potatoes

Large Diced Potatoes

Small Diced Potatoes

Mini Roast Potatoes

Baker Potatoes Each

Sliced/Saute Potatoes

Sliced Cooking Apples per kg

Brocolli Florets per kg


Shredded Pamphrey

Shredded Red Cabbage

Shredded Savoy

Shredded White Cabbage


Baton Carrots

Chunky Carrots

Diced Carrots

Large Diced Carrots

Grated Carrots

Sliced Carrots

Whole Peeled Carrots

Cauliflower Florets per kg

Coleslaw Mix

Chopped Corriander

Carrot & Parsnip Mix

Carrot, Parsnip & Turnip Mix

Carrot & Turnip Mix

Shredded Iceberg Lettuce

Chopped Leeks

Diced Onions


Sliced Onions

Diced Salad Onions

Sliced Salad Onions

Whole Peeled Onions

Orange Slices Each


Baton Parsnips

Chunky Parsnips

Diced Parsnips

Grated Parsnips

Sliced Parsnips

Whole Peeled Parsnips

Chopped Parsley


Diced Green Peppers

Chopped Jalapeno Peppers

Diced Mixed Peppers

Red Birds Eye Chilli Peppers

Diced Yellow Peppers

Chopped Scallions (Spring Onions)

Stir-Fry Mix

Soup Greens

Soup Vegetables

Prepared Brussel Sprouts

Whole Cherry Tomatoes


Baton Turnip

Chunky Turnip

Diced Turnip


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Cooking Apples 12.5kg Box

Cooking Apples Each

Cooking Apples per kg

Box Green Apples

Green Apples Each

Box Large Green Apples

Large Green Apples Each

Granny Smith Apples Each

Box Red Apples

Red Apples Each

Large Box Red Apples

Large Red Apples Each

Toffee Apples Each

Bananas 18.14kg Box

Bananas Each

Bananas per kg

Blueberries 125g

Blueberries 150g

Blackberries 125g

Raspberries 125g

Raspberries 150g

Strawberries 250g

Strawberries 400g

Strawberries 500g

Dates per packet

Grapefruit Each

Mixed Grapes per kg

Green Grapes per kg

Red/Black Grapes per kg

Kiwi Each

Lemons Each

Box Lemons

Limes Each

Box Limes

Mango Each

Canteloupe Melon Each

Galia Melon Each

Water Melon Each

Yellow Melons Each (Honeydew)

Nectarines Each

Box Oranges

Oranges Each

Box Large Oranges

Box Large Oranges 70s

Large Oranges Each

Mandarin Oranges Each

Box Mandarin Oranges

Passion Fruit Each

Paw Paw Each

Peaches Each

Box Pears

Pears Each

Large Pears Each

Box Large Pears

Pineapples Each

Plums Each

Plums per kg

Rhubarb per bunch



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Asparagus per bunch

Aubergines Each

Aubergines per kg

Avocado Pears Each

Fine Beans per kg

Green Beans per kg

Beansprouts 250g

Beansprouts per kg

Butternut Squash Each

Brocolli Each (per head)

Pamphrey Cabbage Each

Red Cabbage Each

Savoy Cabbage Each

White Cabbage Each

Carrots Each

Carrots per kg

Cauliflower Each

Celeriac Each

Green Chillies Each

Red Chillies Each

Baby Sweetcorn 100g

Baby Sweetcorn 80g

Courgettes Each

Courgettes per kg

Water Cress per packet

Garlic Bulbs Each

Garlic Bulbs pack of 2

Root Ginger

Leeks Each

Leeks per kg

Mangetout 100g

Mangetout 1.5kg Box

Mangetout per kg

Chip Mushrooms 1.36kg

Mushrooms per kg

Onions per kg

Onions Each

Net Onions 20kg

Large Net Onions 20kg

Parsnips Each

Parsnips per kg

Sugarsnap Peas 100g

Sugarsnap Peas per kg

Bag Potatoes 1kg

Bag Potatoes 2kg

Bag Potatoes 25kg

Bag Cyprus Potatoes 25kg

Bag Dutch Potatoes 25kg

Baby Potatoes 10kg Box

Baby Potatoes per kg

Baker Potatoes 10kg Box

Sweet Potatoes Each

Sweet Potatoes per kg

Pumpkins Each

Spinach per packet

Baby Spinach 100g

Brussel Sprouts per kg

Turnips Each


Basil 100g

Chervil 100g

Chives 100g

Corriander 100g

Dill 100g

Fennel 100g

Flat Leaf Parsley per kg

Mint 100g

Parsley per kg

Bunch Parsley

Rosemary 100g

Sage 100g

Tarragon 100g

Thyme 100g


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Beetroot Packet

Table Celery per Bunch

Mustard & Cress Tubs

Cucumber Each

Curley Endive Each

Chinese Leaves Each

Cos Lettuce Each

Flat/Round Lettuce Each

Iceberg Lettuce Each

Little Gem Lettuce Each

Little Gem Lettuce x 2

Lollo Rosso Lettuce Each

Mixed Lettuce Bags 115g

Mixed Lettuce Bags 170g

Mixed Lettuce Bags 200g

Mixed Lettuce Bags 250g

Mixed Lettuce Bags 500g

Oak Leaf Lettuce Each

Rocket Lettuce 500g

Radicchio Lettuce Each

Red Salad Onions Each

Red Salad Onions per kg

Green Peppers 5kg Box

Green Peppers Each

Red Peppers 5kg Box

Red Peppers Each

Yellow Peppers 5kg Box

Yellow Peppers Each

Radish per packet

Scallions (Spring Onions) bunch

Beef Tomatoes Each

Cherry Tomatoes 250g punnet

Cherry Tomatoes 9 x 250g Box

Chip Tomatoes 6kg

Tomatoes Each

Tomatoes per kg

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